Lieb works hard to achieve consensus

I have known Bobby Lieb for more than 15 years. He has served in several roles and positions during that time period overlapping with mine, and as a result, I have had a fairly comprehensive view of his abilities. Probably the strongest statement I can make about Bobby is he is willing to take on issues and work through them with a team approach, continually seeking a positive outcome. Many of the challenges I have seen him face have involved multiple people with conflicting agendas, which required his leadership and some sorting out for the best outcome for the community. He continues to look for the best solution today, balanced with an eye for the long-term impact on the organization and the community. Bobby Lieb is a self-motivated individual who gets things done. He has a good understanding of financial matters and budgeting, with a cost-conscious discipline to get the most from a budget. He is able to get the job done even with limited resources. Bobby has consistently demonstrated an ability to work with others while respecting and operating within a hierarchy and works towards consensus. I highly recommend Bobby for the county position.

Brad Cochennet

Pagosa Springs

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