Sculpture looks like arthritic whale tail

In early August, when we returned from a two-and-a-half-month road trip, we were met with the jaw-dropping sculpture at the Highway 550/160 intersection. Not having been privy to all the news, my thought was that it looked like a pre-historic, arthritic whale-tail skeleton. I have been following the many opinions expressed in The Durango Herald ever since.

In our travels, we encountered many small towns like Durango, with distinct historical themes. We looked forward to seeing the entrances to their towns, with themed sculptures greeting visitors. Breckenridge’s miners and their pack mule and Montrose’s cowboy and their steers are two good examples.

Since we promote Durango as a western town with a mining past, I suggest the sculpture presently residing in Santa Rita Park (yep, the miners) would be a better match with the “Welcome to Historic Durango” signage at the town’s entrance. What do you think?

Marilyn Metz


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