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For many of us, food is an expression of affection – the favorite Christmas cookie painstakingly made year after year, the famous osso buco...

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Try local spring produce with a Southern twist

If you’re hankering for some spring-fresh Southern delicacies, Yardbird Eatery can slake your craving.

Chef Neal Drysdale has procured that most divine of southern vegetables, okra, from local growers for the first time. He prepares it in the most delicious way possible, soaking it in buttermilk, dusting in cornmeal and frying to a golden crisp. He also makes okra stew, a Southern staple, combined with tomatoes and onions and slow cooked to a bright, savory finish. And for fun, Drysdale pickles the cylinder for a tangy punch.

Also coming in from Four Corners farmers are green tomatoes, another delight once they hit the fryer. Drysdale also turns local farmer Mike Nolan’s mustard and collard greens into a Southern favorite by slow cooking them with pork fat, ham bones and apple cider vinegar.

For Southerners, it’s a taste of home.

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