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Salt: Worth its weight?

It can preserve a body, blow up a fortress and season a Sunday roast – it’s salt, the oldest mineral on earth. Ten thousand years after...

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Experience a weekend of wine in Durango

One of the best street parties in town will return this week, with the Durango Wine Experience running Thursday through Sunday.

A local favorite during the 9-year-old festival is Friday’s walk-about wine tasting, hosted by different businesses downtown. Everyone from boutiques to kitchen shops to art galleries offers tasty little snacks and swift sips of vino to enjoy while you’re browsing. Wine experts are on hand to explain what they’re pouring.

Saturday, of course, is the pièce de résistance, the Grand Tasting under the tent in the First National Bank parking lot. Local restaurants prepare bite-sized gourmet menus with local ingredients – the better to hold standing up – and wine distributors offer their hottest new vintages, from roses to tempranillos.

If you want to do more than party, the festival also offers classes to learn more about vermouth, pairing...

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