Len Vlahos, organizes the bookshelves in the new fiction section as his wife, Kristen Gilligan, work...

More a dream than a business

DENVER – Len Vlahos and his wife, Kristen Gilligan, dreamed of having their own little bookstore.

The book-industry veterans met while working for the American Booksellers Association, a trade group that supports independent booksellers across the U.S.

“Many people who work in publishing and bookselling have a pipe dream of having their own bookstore. We both had that,” Gilligan said. “It has always...

Business Briefs

Owlii.co announces launch

Owlii.co has officially launched.

Owlii is a rewards-based website that allows customers to earn coupons and rewards from the simple act of sharing. New local companies are signing up daily so businesses are welcome to sign up for free. Businesses are able to build rewards programs and be seen by new potential customers outside their original marketing...

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