Quilter Heather Lundquist is a veteran of the La Plata County Fair. She has entered the quilting com...

County fair is not just for kids

Children are the undisputed stars of the La Plata County Fair. This year, more than 300 adolescents will compete in all manner of 4-H activities at...

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Farmers, ranchers paid for conservation

Beginning Sept. 1, farmers and ranchers can apply for financial assistance to help conserve working grasslands, rangeland and pastureland while maintaining the areas as livestock grazing lands.

The initiative is part of the voluntary Conservation Reserve Program, a federally funded program that for 30 years has assisted agricultural producers with the cost of restoring, enhancing and protecting certain grasses, shrubs and trees to improve water quality, prevent soil erosion and reduce...

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  • Food Waste

    Waste not, want not, said grandparents and generations past. Life was simpler and most folks used their resources sparingly, avoiding excessive waste. Fast-forward to today’s spin-saturated, disposable, consumer America where almost all material goods made in the past 100 plus years have ended up in our landfills, including much of our food waste. But because […]

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