The three-part crest of Wheeler Peak, Nevada’s tallest standalone mountain, and summit trail:...

A different desert pilgrimage

Nevada’s Wheeler Peak seems an unlikely place for a pilgrimage. It rises 13,063 feet from the desert floor of Great Basin National Park. A...

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Seniors Outdoors announces events

Seniors Outdoors will host these events:

Beginning above Red Mountain Pass, a group will do a moderate loop hike at a moderate pace on McMillan Peak on Friday. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are necessary. Well-behaved dogs are allowed. To RSVP, call Betsy Petersen at 259-5417 or email betsyp@bresnan.net.

On Sunday, a challenging 14-mile hike is planned to Sheridan Mountain via Endlich Mesa. Four-wheel-drive or high-clearance vehicles are needed. Dogs are not allowed. To RSVP, call Tom Ward at 459-4312, email tom@thward.net, call Debra Van Winegarden at 769-7269 or email...

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