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Allow ballot audits to show whether election was legitimate

During the 2020 national election, many states changed their rules, reportedly because of the pandemic, so that enormous numbers of mail-in ballots were mailed to residents of some states. A friend of mine in Los Angeles received nine mail-in ballots at his home.

In the year before the election, Democrats began implementing a plan to remove voter identification standards from mail-in ballots. In some states, Democrats attacked the idea of verifying voters’ signatures, using the rationale that “signatures change over time” By hook and by crook, this obvious ploy was enacted in some states. The only reason to get rid of signature verification is if you intend to cheat.

There are other factors like “ballot harvesting” and other issues where the legal chain from voter to ballot is lost, but let’s just relax for a while and see how some of the ongoing audits and investigations turn out. We can’t know accurately how much cheating transpired, but the question will always be whether it was enough to change the outcome of the election. From the way Democrats are fighting against audits and refusing to investigate, they’re worried.

So now we have states making their voting laws clearer and Democrats are waving the red herring of “voter suppression.” There was no voter suppression and no one is suppressing the vote. Wait for some of the audit results.

Joe Biden won the presidency, supposedly, by the greatest number of votes of any president in history. Yet he barely campaigned. Isn’t that odd?

Mike Sigman