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Opinion is snobby, sloppy, sly and wrong

The Durango Herald editorial, “

These 250 words allow us to pick only a few cherries, like the sloppy comparison between a Mark Twain wisecrack and a municipal comprehensive land-use plan. Somehow, comprehensive land-use plans are just like library censorship. Didn’t we all thrill to the planning commission scenes in “Wuthering Heights” in senior English class?

Really, what sticks out of this sly but sloppy editorial is the missing word “only.” Within the new plan you can still build and buy single-family homes. You can also build duplexes and triplexes.

That’s what provoked The Durango Herald. To say that this is to “push out single-family homeowners” is incoherent.

So what’s this all about, Durango Herald? You are moved so strongly as to evoke the imminent dangers of anarchists, communists and do-gooder Christians in heated battle to erect a duplex next to a single-family home.

This editorial is the Durango Herald at its most Orwellian.

Per the Durango Herald, letting in more units equals exclusion. It’s not for nothing that single-family-only zoning is also called “exclusionary zoning.”

The Durango Herald distorts and minimizes extreme national and local housing shortages and reverts to pre-climate-aware delusions of sprawl.

Durango Herald, please, go read the city of Durango housing plan. The city is so far ahead of you.

Peter Tregillus