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School district is not serving students

Durango School District’s national test scores are below the 30th percentile. Only 31% of 9-R students are at their grade level in math and 50% at their grade level in reading and language arts. The remaining students are below their grade level.

Durango needs a school board focused on academic essentials. Three candidates have come forward with that focus. Kristina Paslay for District A and Donna Gulec for District E have each faced and overcome learning challenges in their own families and have firsthand understanding of turning challenges into success. In addition, they are experienced with diverse populations – Ms. Paslay having served as a tribal court advocate in Arizona and Ms. Gulec with a Ph.D. in international health having worked for health care needs in Latin America.

Dean Hill for District C is a longtime local, having graduated from Durango High School himself and, like Ms. Paslay, having graduated from Fort Lewis College. Mr. Hill’s experience as an educator has ranged from athletic director to superintendent.

Kristina Paslay for District A, Dean Hill for District C and Donna Gulec for District E will focus on academics for students and unity among students so they have the best opportunity possible to get back on track together for a solid educational foundation.

Please take the time to submit your ballot or go to one of the voter centers in Durango at 679 Turner Drive or in Bayfield Town Hall. It truly matters to the students of our community.

Victoria Schmitt