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Trump aides: Russian meddling does it matter?

President-elect weighs in on Twitter

GOP says Obama aides meddled in ‘net neutrality’

WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans on Tuesday accused independent regulators of bowing to White House pressure on “net neutrality,” citing thousands of emails and other documents that sh...

Obama proposes privacy measure

WASHINGTON – Amid “rapid growth” in the collection of data on Americans, the White House on Friday proposed legislation that calls on businesses to do more to help consumers protect their pe...

FCC chief backs ‘net neutrality’

Agency to vote on rules this month

Parents, beware: Your kids’ privacy is threatened

App companies finding ways to avoid obtaining parental consent for information

Obama wants more regulation of Internet providers

WASHINGTON – Internet providers shouldn’t be allowed to cut deals with online services like Netflix or YouTube to move their content faster and should be regulated more like phone companies,...

Tough to pick a college?

Data crunchers hope to help

College savings accounts grow

They average $20K, but that covers only a portion of 4-year tuition bill

Social-media users not really so social

WASHINGTON – Tired of that friend or relative who won’t stop posting or tweeting political opinions? Online loudmouths may be annoying, but a new survey suggests they are in the minority. ...

Where do online accounts go when you die?

Experts say your online life needs to be part of your estate planning

Math, science graduates earn top dollar

WASHINGTON – It seems to matter less whether your alma mater is public or private than what you study – math and science in particular – when it comes to finding a high-paying job after coll...

Big data has role in holiday-shopping season

WASHINGTON – It’s a big question for marketers: What kind of a buyer are you? And, as important, what are you willing to pay? In the search for answers this shopping season, consu...