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Kristen Hartke

Believe it or not, you can make great pizza without cheese. Here’s how.

I love pizza – but no longer eat cheese. So, in recent years, I began to think of pizza as more of a memory than a meal. My fifth birthday was the stuff pizza dreams are made of, ...

Tofu sales skyrocket during the pandemic, as consumers search for affordable meat alternatives

American grocery store shoppers became accustomed to limits on certain household staples during the first half of 2020. The quest for toilet paper, ground beef and hand sanitizer sparked pan...

Gift cards, merchandise and to-go orders: Here’s how restaurants say customers should support them

Edouardo Jordan stood in front of his 40-plus employees on Monday with a message he did not want to deliver: Two of his three restaurants are shutting down operations, while one will shift t...

America is hung up on bowl culture. What if you like to eat from a plate?

I love bowls. I own a lot of them – from pinch bowls that hold little more than a soupcon of salt to a glazed terra-cotta behemoth that my neighbor held on her lap on a plane all the way fro...

Not just for vegans: How to rock your tofu with cheese, eggs – even meat

Here’s the trouble with tofu, at least to some Western eaters: You can’t dip it in nacho cheese sauce. Or can you? Even as people have become accustomed to the idea of ...

The trick to enjoying Christmas breakfast is to make it the day before

If I had to pick a favorite holiday movie, it would probably be the 1945 classic, “Christmas in Connecticut,” in which Barbara Stanwyck plays a Martha Stewart-like character who cannot actua...

You can make the best doughnuts you’ll ever eat

It’s easy to wax poetic about doughnuts. Whether they’re light as air and melt in your mouth or caky and sugarcoated, ready to dunk, who can pass up a fresh one? The best are made by hand wi...

Five terrific spice blends to use with . . . whatever!

“We don’t have a culture for using spices” in America, says Lior Lev Sercarz, chef and owner of New York spice store La Boite, “but, at the same time, everybody uses them, so there is hope.”...

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