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Natalie B. Compton

A definitive ranking of the 16 best road trip snacks of all time

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Author, TV show host says virus can put dreams on hold, but it can’t crush them

People are wearing hazmat suits on planes, but should they?

Last year, supermodel Naomi Campbell made headlines when she shared a video of herself very thoroughly sanitizing her Qatar Airlines seat. There were disinfecting wipes involved, plastic glo...

5 classes you can take at home to be a better traveler in the future

In case you need a reminder, you should not be traveling now or anytime soon. But if you’re privileged to have some time on your hands during the coronavirus outbreak and need a new passion ...

How to talk to others about not traveling during the coronavirus pandemic

Explain the risks through constructive conversation

8 essential items to help you sleep well on your next flight

When trying to sleep on a plane, the obstacles are stacked against you. The environment is loud, bright, crowded and uncomfortable. But while it most likely won’t be the same quality as at h...

Jet lag no more: Frequent flyers share their tips for crossing time zones

Jet lag is a shape-shifting affliction that debilitates travelers of all ages. The merciless wrath of desynchronosis – or time-zone-change syndrome – can strike at any time, dragging you dow...