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Dog hunts poachers, endangered species for Colorado agency

LOVELAND – Cash is a different sort of hunting dog. He’s on the hunt for poachers and endangered species, using his specially trained nose to help Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildli...

Students study, relocate snakes from solar site in Loveland

Researchers see how populations are holding up near humans

Bighorn sheep herd rebounding after disease in 1990s

LOVELAND (AP) – Majestic bighorn sheep deftly dart up and down the steep, jagged walls of canyons throughout Colorado, delighting wildlife watchers when they spot the iconic Colorado animal ...

Crew rebuilds stone walls rock by rock

Stones were placed 70 years ago

Teens help flood recovery on North Fork of the Big Thompson River

DRAKE – Canyon resident Brendan Chenoweth described a two-year, $500,000 project to restore a flood-damaged portion of the North Fork of the Big Thompson River as a gift – a way to return pr...

School works with Sioux to replace mascot

LOVELAND (AP) – Loveland High School is looking to a Lakota Sioux tribe for help creating a new mascot and a hands-on lesson in history and culture for the school. “The goal is to...

Vision set for Big Thompson recreation

City, county splitting costs