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Our View: Primary elections

Primary elections are a starting line. We want candidates who work closer to the center - at least sometimes across the aisle - not at the extremes. No fringe politics for the base. We reali...

Images of horror

Should we show what gunfire does to children?

Our View: Sin, vice, virtue in Ascent application

We strongly uphold the separation of church and state under the First Amendment, the same amendment that protects us to do our work. We’re looking at the Ascent Classical Academy of Durango ...

Our View: Increase age to 21 to buy guns

Texas school shooting the tipping point to act on safety

Reasonable limits OK under 2nd Amendment

Texas tragedy makes clear we must do something

Our View: Student-loan fix starts with feds

What’s a college education worth? It’s difficult to match a price with what we learn and who we become from this experience. Yet, we know when the price is too high. That’s the case for more...

Our View: Wild ride to IHBC’s 50th

It’s been a wild ride, mostly uphill, these many years. How many opportunities does a cyclist have to race a train? In Durango, that would be 50 times. The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic celebra...

Alito’s ‘no mention’ reasoning

Leaked draft offers shaky standard on validity of rights

Our View: Boarding-school survivors’ stories

Imagine being at home with your family and someone knocks on the door – or doesn’t knock on the door – walks in and takes away your child. It’s difficult to comprehend the terror family memb...

Relax, abortions won’t be outlawed

Although a lot of superficially informed people are yelling and screaming about the current Roe v. Wade kerfuffle, it might help to mention a few clarifying comments. First of all, abortions...

Our View: DeSantis the problem, not math textbooks

Censored prompts alongside equations help students think logically, reasonably

Biden better than average

President handling thorny problems, nationally and globally
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