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Our View: Cortez Schools

Whatever the perceived problem, whitewashing history is not the answer

Our View: Play more catch

Ball-rolling a side effect of larger societal problems

Our View: Weekend events

Chechk out local sheep, electric vehicles, cyclists and homes

Our View: A Texas bridge

Maybe the U.S. should pay more attention to this hemisphere

Our View: Simple Pleasures

In keeping to the theme of my previous thoughts about simple solutions, I began reflecting on simple pleasures. Back on the road, after our stay at the family cabin in the Catskill mountains...

Our View: Becoming native to Durango

When “Prairie Home Companion” broadcast from Fort Lewis College in 1998, the show included “The Lives of the Cowboys.” In the skit, cowboys Dusty and Lefty arrive in Durango and talk with a ...

Our View: Foreign and domestic

Bush rightly calls terrorists ‘children of the same foul spirit’

Our View: What Sept. 11 wrought

Twenty years ago, life changed for Americans, likely never to return. The immediate severity of the defensive responses to the airborne attacks that collapsed the World Trade Center towers a...

Our View: Occam’s Razorettes

An oversimplification of Occam’s Razor is: “The simplest solution is almost always the best.” It is a problem-solving principle arguing simplicity is better than complexity. Our family cabin...

Our View: Redistricting

Proposed 3rd Congressional District could benefit Western Slope

Our View: Oh, Afghanistan

The 20-year involvement of the United States and its allies in Afghanistan resulted in the death of the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on our soil and prevented Afghanistan from b...

Our View: City boss

Last August, The Durango Herald informally endorsed José Madrigal as the right candidate for Durango city manager, a position that had been open for almost a year after the departure of R...
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