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Jim Cross

Our View: Sidney Poitier

His acting was groundbreaking and his character was inspirational

Our View: Happy Hogmanay

In Scotland, the New Year rings in with a rousing party and celebration of friendship

Our View: Pickleball

Players deserve their own courts, but may have to be patient

Our View: Mountain lions

These cats are amazing athletes

Our View: Wakeless Lake Nighthorse

The time for lake-sharing inequity to change long overdue

Our View: Football

The game is basically civilized war, but there is beauty in players’ athleticism

Our View: Wood splitting season

Part Zen, part philosophy, part physics and all good exercise

Our View: Durango driving

We have a rush hour, counterintuitive road designs, but we can all be courteous

Our View: Play more catch

Ball-rolling a side effect of larger societal problems

Our View: Simple Pleasures

In keeping to the theme of my previous thoughts about simple solutions, I began reflecting on simple pleasures. Back on the road, after our stay at the family cabin in the Catskill mountains...