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John Seewer

Amish put faith in God’s will and herd immunity over vaccine

When health care leaders in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country began laying out a strategy to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, they knew it would be a tough sell with the Amish, who tend t...

Virus throws theme park attendance for a loop

Across U.S., attendance lags

Theme parks hope the thrill is not gone

Carefree days giving way to virus safeguards

Runner disqualified because she didn’t have waiver for hijab

TOLEDO, Ohio – The association that oversees high school sports in Ohio said Thursday that it’s considering changing its rules after a high school runner was disqualified from a cross countr...

Storms rip through East, Midwest; 2 dead in flooded home

A powerful storm with straight-line winds and possible tornadoes tore roofs off factories, ripped away storefronts and destroyed homes across Indiana, Ohio and into Pennsylvania, and on Mond...

Ohio expects to allow self-driving car tests

Testing in snow, ice will be possible

Bigger, faster, better

Older roller coasters reinvented to be more extreme