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Nancy Lofholm

Efforts underway on Western Slope to quell political extremism and restore civility

Hundreds have signed a pledge to continue disagreeing, but to do so politely and with the public good as the prime driver

Don Coram brushes off ‘super woke’ insult: ‘I have no idea what that means’

The 73-year-old Montrose native has a background in farming and mining

Lauren Boebert announces she will run for second term in Congress

She is likely to face state Sen. Don Coram in primary challenge

Prayer, conspiracies and fundraising: Supporters of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters hold another rally following FBI search

Tina Peters and Sherronna Bishop – among others – are under criminal investigation

Mesa County needed to restore trust after an election system breach. Here comes Wayne Williams, in his boots

Colorado’s former Secretary of State sought to reassure voters about a fair election

Tempers flare at Mesa County protest as judge prepares to decide Tina Peters’ role in upcoming election

At least one person hurt when a counter-demonstrator showed up

Supporters back Mesa County clerk, who is in hiding after voting system breach

State GOP representative calls investigation a ‘false-flag operation’

Opposing Biden’s vision for public lands, hard-right group makes inroads in Colorado

At least four counties have signaled resistance to 30X30 plan

Lauren Boebert vowed to shake things up – she did

Tumultuous week cements far-right credentials, draws wide criticism

Ute tribes reimagine Bear Dances

As coronavirus locks down reservations, Ute tribes use social media, videos of past dances

Go to Grand Junction: Food, drink, art and outdoor options you can’t miss

Food, drink, art and outdoor options you can’t miss

Front Range businesses migrating to the Western Slope

Real estate prices driving the migration