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‘Self-interest at expense of our country’

In a letter on June 16, the writer ignores facts to promote false Republican talking points. He starts by describing a “war on fossil fuels.”

Can he admit that carbon levels from burning fossil fuels and industrialization are at levels last seen about 3 million years ago? We are experiencing unprecedented global temperatures and myriad extreme consequences. How much will it cost civilization to ignore basic facts?

He says a democratic administration would make “national deficits explode.” The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that Trump’s 2017 tax cut, which almost exclusively benefited the wealthiest Americans, added $1 trillion to our deficit in 2020 alone.

The letter writer said crime “will continue to increase.” FBI statistics show that violent crime in the U.S. dropped by 49% from 1993 to 2022. Or is he focused on Trump’s B.S. claim that the FBI tried to kill him during the search for classified documents stored in his bathroom at Mar-a-Lago?

The writer said illegal immigrants “will be given citizenship.” Immigrants receiving citizenship is the core of what makes us Americans. And if you are not a citizen, you can’t vote. Period.

Conservative Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma worked for months to craft a bipartisan immigration bill, which was shot down by his own party because it didn’t want to give a political win to the Biden administration.

This attitude of self-interest at the expense of our country is the backbone of Trump’s candidacy. Lying, profound immorality, cruelty, racism and megalomania are not American values.

Jeff Wise