Town of Bayfield

Bob Ledger, town manager

The requester on Tuesday morning said he was making an open-records request for the contract for the town manager.

The receptionist asked, “Which contract?”

She explained the town has two: one for Justin Clifton, who resigned recently to travel, and the other for former Durango city manager Bob Ledger, who was hired to replace Clifton for three months until a full-time manager is hired.

The requester asked to see Ledger’s contract.

The receptionist consulted the city clerk, who appeared within two minutes with a manila folder (Clifton’s contract) and three sheets of paper stapled together (Ledger’s contract).

Ledger’s contract runs from March 15 to June 15. Among the stipulations: Ledger will earn $8,000 per month, must use his own vehicle and pay its operating costs (he can charge mileage for out-of-county trips) and be available to help the consultant who is looking for Clifton’s full-time replacement.

The requester asked how much it would cost to make a copy of the contract. After consulting the city clerk, the receptionist said she’d make a copy free of charge.

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