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Hospitals suing patients would have to put their names on lawsuits under new Colorado bill

‘Deceiving people who owe money should never be a strategy to hide affiliation,’ patient advocacy member says

Axis Health Systems, Pueblo Community College receive state workforce grant

Philosophy behind program is work-based learning model

Nourish Your Liver: The Key to Sustainable Detoxification

It’s springtime! Let’s all pull out the green detox juice to rinse away all the winter’s guilty pleasures. Green juice and smoothies are healthy, nutrient-dense additions to your diet, and I...

Colorectal cancer screening

March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Coincidentally, I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but I had my screening colonoscopy with local gastroenterologist, Dr. Todd Sheer earlier this m...

Durango fire officials remind residents to check carbon monoxide detectors after finding ‘above average’ levels at apartments

First responders called to Rocket Pointe’s leasing office on Saturday morning

Anthem insurance and Mercy Hospital’s parent company in contract dispute

If differences can’t be resolved by May 1, patients may be forced to find new doctors

Igniting Your Body's Engine: Unveiling the Secrets of Metabolism for Lasting Wellness

In the symphony of health and wellness, the metabolism stands as the conductor orchestrating the intricate dance of energy within our bodies. It is the silent force that determines how effic...

Axis Health System opens doors at former Mercury building

Health care provider wants to bring integrated medical services under one roof

AG Weiser busts up anesthesia monopoly at Durango, Denver hospitals

Private-equity-owned anesthesia practice enjoyed exclusive contract with Mercy Hospital since 2020

The Spectrum of Sweetness

We find ourselves past the resolutions of the New Year and at chocolate-laden Valentine’s Day. For some, navigating the dance of eating sugar can feel challenging and confounding. For othe...

Southern Utes frustrated about feds’ inaction on medical records issue

Southern Ute chairman says federal Indian Health Service’s ‘characteristic lack of urgency’ exacerbates health disparities

La Plata County Public Health warns of RSV outbreaks

Outbreaks hit three child care centers
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