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Southwest Life

The Spectrum of Sweetness

We find ourselves past the resolutions of the New Year and at chocolate-laden Valentine’s Day. For some, navigating the dance of eating sugar can feel challenging and confounding. For othe...

Southern Utes frustrated about feds’ inaction on medical records issue

Southern Ute chairman says federal Indian Health Service’s ‘characteristic lack of urgency’ exacerbates health disparities

La Plata County Public Health warns of RSV outbreaks

Outbreaks hit three child care centers

Fall prevention

I’ll admit that I made a poor decision and after nearly three decades of medical practice I should have known better. One evening recently I was taking my dog out at night to do his business...

Fueling your metabolism: The key to weight loss

When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, understanding the role of macronutrients in your diet can be a game-changer. These essential nutrients – carbohydrates, protein, and dietar...

End of an era: 75 years of San Juan Basin Public Health

The district dissolved Dec. 31, ending a historic enterprise in regional cooperation

La Plata County Public Health established

The department is set to open Jan. 8

Navigating social pressures during holiday weight loss: Giving yourself the gift of health

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, it's a time of joy, celebration and togetherness. However, for those on a weight loss journey, it can also be a period filled with social pressur...

Pediatric practice tests to delabel patients with mislabeled antibiotic allergy

About 10% of people are said to be allergic to penicillin; the real number is closer to 1%


The holidays are a time for family gatherings, reflection, reconnection with loved ones and for many, a time to remember those whose seat at the table will be empty this year. After almost 9...

Animas Surgical Hospital names insider as CEO

Meggin Roberts started at the hospital as a receptionist 20 years ago

Opioid settlement dollars to fund recovery housing in Southwest Colorado

The $1.5 million allocation will bring critical resource to the region
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