Don’t send LPEA off energy deep-end

The election for the La Plata Electric Association board is rapidly heating up. It is imperative that voters review the backgrounds and credentials of the individuals and who they are representing. There is a slate put out by renewable-energy advocates that would be detrimental to the well-being of the board. Research and development costs big bucks. We cannot afford to go off the deep end and start investing in fancy, expensive methods of renewable resources.

There are many new methods being developed, and by electing solid and proven residents to the LPEA board, we will benefit in the long run. The recommended individuals are longtime residents of the districts, and their knowledge and proven abilities for making sound decisions and working together is most important to the successful running of an organization. We recommend that you give strong consideration to helping elect Bob Formwalt, Ann McCoy Harold, Jerry McCaw and Bobby Lieb to the LPEA Board.

The year 2012 is proving to be one of the most critical years for our counties, our state and our country. Please turn out and vote.

Franklin Anderson