World Briefs

Afghan soldier fires kills U.S. Marine

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan soldier killed one U.S. Marine and wounded another before being shot to death in return fire Sunday in southern Afghanistan, the latest in a series of attacks against foreigners blamed on turncoat government forces within their own ranks.

Nearly 20 such attacks this year have raised the level of mistrust between the U.S.-led coalition and their Afghan partners as NATO gears up to hand over security to local forces ahead of a 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops.

In another sign of deteriorating security, the United States is considering abandoning plans for a consulate in the country’s north because the building chosen was deemed too dangerous to occupy.

Egypt’s parliament limits future military trials

CAIRO – Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament on Sunday approved a ban on the country’s next president from sending civilians for trial by military tribunals, but preserving that power for the military itself.

The measure would curb the powers enjoyed by the deposed President Hosni Mubarak, who used the military tribunals to refer opponents, especially Islamists.

More than 10,000 civilians have been referred to such tribunals since then, some for criticizing the military.

On Saturday alone, more than 300 civilians were sent for military prosecution after violent demonstrations near the Defense Ministry in Cairo. They face accusations of attacking troops and disrupting public order.

Anti-Putin marchers arrested in Moscow

MOSCOW – A demonstration by at least 20,000 people on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president turned into a battle with police Sunday after some protesters tried to split off from the approved venue and march to the Kremlin.

Club-wielding officers wearing helmets seized demonstrators and hauled them to police vehicles, dragging some by the hair, others by the neck.

Several protesters were injured, including one man with blood dripping from his head down the left side of his face.

Three leaders of the opposition movement that gained new life over the winter were among those arrested: Sergei Udaltsov, Alexei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov. In total, more than 400 people were arrested.

Associated Press