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New wellness center opens in Durango.

Bridget Hendrix and Lloyd Decker have opened Body of Work, a wellness and movement center located at 679 East Second Ave., Unit 10.

Hendrix recently returned to her practice of 10 years in Durango after a year of continuing education in New York City. Decker is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and is excited to be living in Colorado again.

Body of Work focuses on a hands-on approach to health and wellness offering chiropractic care, the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Pilates and soon to introduce Gyrotonics. Both Hendrix and Decker focus on manual therapy including neural and visceral manipulation. Body of Work offers mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The benefits of this therapy include reducing inflammation, athletic recovery, wound healing and surgical recovery.

For more information, call 764-4244 or visit

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