Lachelt committed to building community

Planning for the future is not a United Nations plot to take over America.

It is, in fact, a common-sense way of making sure that our children inherit a community worth living in. Its what squirrels do when they gather nuts.

Bees figured this out a long time ago. So how did Kellie Hotter not get the memo?

Does having a gas well in your front yard help you achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Will sitting in traffic on Camino del Rio give you more time to fight communism?

Hotter is paying way too much attention to a small group of people with a very destructive and distorted perspective.

Gwen Lachelt is a rare and remarkable person who, for the last 25 years, has truly sacrificed her own comfort and security to build for all of us a healthier, thriving and more secure community. She has been able to bridge all sorts of divisions and divergent interests in order to improve all of our lives and that, to me, is truly what America is all about.

Go, Gwen!

Jeff Glode Wise