Born-agains can detect demonic spirits

Since Vi McCoy thanked Colorado’s state officials for refusing to go against God’s word and denied civil unions (Letters, Herald, May 25), the homosexual community viciously attacked God and McCoy.

How could any sane person interpret McCoy saying, “Jesus Christ is alive and well with outstretched arms to forgive and receive every living being into his family” as hateful and encouraging violence and wanting the messenger silenced? No wonder the Bible refers to the homosexuals as having reprobate minds.

There is a quick cure to stop homosexual problem responses: Forbid news articles, verbally or written, government or not that mention homosexuals. This will include closing Bible manufacturers, churches, etc. By wiping out God’s word in any form, there is nothing to respond to – right?

Cindy Simpson’s letter needs to be corrected (Herald, June 3). I attended the March 6, 2005, homosexual meeting Simpson refers to in support of a friend trying to escape homosexuality.

By special invitation, McCoy and a guest pastor had been invited to preach to the homosexual members.

A large supply of written scriptures supporting McCoy’s speech, including booklets from Focus on the Family on how and why escape from homosexuality is possible, were on a table for the members to take.

The guest preacher sitting directly beside McCoy was there to quote and respond to any questions, directly out of the Bible. The group leader rudely stopped him from answering any questions. McCoy again directed the members to the written material on the table.

Obviously, the meeting was far more successful than anyone realized. God is still working on the consciences of the attending homosexuals for all the last seven years.

Don’t underestimate God’s power over the demons who control homosexuals. Via discernment, a born-again believer can detect these demonic spirits who reside in the humans who refuse to accept Jesus Christ. God can help these people – he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Judith North