TBD process not really seeking masses’ input

Gov. Hickenlooper’s TBD initiative is another shining example of “if it sounds too good to be true, you can bet it is.”

Does Hickenlooper really want input from the masses? Not! It seems the first two rounds of this process was by invitation only, from the governor’s appointed henchmen. So much for random, mass participation. Now that the agenda has been set for discussion by the select few, we the peons (oops, I really meant people) will be encouraged to waste our time in a futile attempt to get our diverse, sincere concerns across to those in control so it will appear that real, meaningful public input was taken and was conscientiously, dutifully considered in the process.

Gee, this sounds so familiar. Oh yes, it is the exact same process that the comprehensive plan followed. Too bad we the people really do not have a voice, as I think the government might, indeed, learn something. Oh, but that would mean leaders might have to admit that the masses really do not share their opinions and support their progressive agenda, and because they haven’t quite yet managed to get rid of the Constitution completely, they might actually have to alter that agenda.

I am so very tired of governmental game-playing and deception. I want to scream from the top of the Capitol in D.C., “How stupid do you think we are?” Come on, people, wake up and realize if you don’t like what is going on and where this country is headed, it is your duty and responsibility to inform yourself and do something about it. Complacency and the belief that our elected officials will take care of all of us and have our best interests as their top priority is a fairy tale. Some do, but many more are self-serving and beholden to special interests and agendas.

Please, if you are not happy with where we are headed, get actively involved as an informed, responsible, voting citizen.

Elizabeth Romere