Keep healthy skepticism of government’s word

I am writing regarding your editorial about Obama’s kill list (Herald, June 17). You editors should be ashamed of yourselves.

You blindly proclaim that whoever Obama’s advisers, analysts and intelligence officials want to kill in the name of the war on terror with a drone strike is fine with you. Really? Like the same intelligence officials who told us about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction?

Do you think they were that ignorant or do you think they purposefully lied about those weapons? Either way, do you want to put the power of life and death in these people’s hands, without the American people having any say or oversight through their elected representatives? Are you that out of touch with reality that you would blindly accept the government at its word about who should live or should die, outside of a court of law? Do you believe its motives are always on the up and up?

Many Americans are rightly concerned about the overreaching of the national security apparatus and the executive branch. For example, an Obama executive order allows the executive branch to brand American citizens on American soil as terrorists: no judge, no jury, no trial, no constitutional protections whatever. Congress also recently approved up to 30,000 drones over domestic skies (

In light of this and so much more, it is your opinion to give these same officials carte blanche on life and death with people they designate terrorists? What precedent would that set?

If you are going to keep power of the pen and pollute our corner of the world with your asinine opinions regarding governmental policy, part of your job requirement should be to read Sibel Edmonds’ book Classified Woman. Perhaps then you may learn that checks and balances of constitutional government, and a healthy skepticism towards the government’s word regarding national security objectives is completely justified, never been more necessary and patriotic to the highest degree.

How Orwellian is it that our local paper would editorially approve of our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president’s “kill list?”

Ben Gibson