Mancos stands behind sheriff, firefighters

I’d like to address Butch Knowlton’s comments about the cause of the Weber Fire (Herald, June 26). During a public meeting he voiced his opinion that the fire was caused by a bullet that ricocheted off a rock. Unfortunately, Knowlton had no official information about the incident before making his comments in the public meeting. It has been reported by the Cortez Journal that he hasn’t responded to a request for an interview.

There is an ongoing investigation by very capable individuals with law enforcement who will undoubtedly get to the bottom of the incident. Until that time, it is wise to keep our personal comments to ourselves.

Since Knowlton’s comments, it has been heard rather loudly around Durango many slanderous and outrageous lies about Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell. I was totally shocked by the four-letter words being said about him. These people owe Spruell and the firefighters a big apology.

The firefighters and law-enforcement officials have been unbelievable. They have saved homes, comforted people and are true heros. I cannot say enough good about these courageous people. Our own volunteer fire department is the best in the nation as far as I am concerned. I believe I echo the feelings of everyone in the Mancos Valley when I say we will never forget the sacrifices, time, patience and dedication the they have given to our community.

To all of Durango: Mancos is alive and well. And to Sheriff Spruell, we will stand behind you and support you and your staff.

Pamela Coppinger