Brown eminently qualified to represent district

One of the golden rules of teaching is to ensure that the review you give is accurate. Unfortunately, a June 21 report card for Rep. J. Paul Brown failed that measure. The citizens of Colorado benefit by having Brown as our elected state representative for the 59th District. His family has been ranching in the Durango and La Plata County area for generations. He is an environmentalist with first-hand experience in promoting safe land use, advancing issues that benefit water management, and economic development. Recent bills have passed, with support and leadership from Brown, that, in fact, will promote the cause of lowering taxes on small businesses and investing in future jobs for Colorado.

A hardworking contributor to our community, he has held numerous elected positions including on the Ignacio School Board, the La Plata County Planning Commission and four years on the La Plata County Board of Commissioners. He is eminently qualified to represent the 59th District as our state representative.

Brown, as a successful business owner himself, has demonstrated the skills that are required to enhance job creation and protect our tax dollars from wasteful spending. In short, he understands budgets, balance sheets, running a business and environmental issues. Letís keep him working for us.

Dee Thomas