Dress up, but don’t act up on Halloween

Itís Halloween weekend again, and after last yearís zombie-doings, itís a wonder town hasnít canceled Halloween altogether and initiated a weekend-long mandatory curfew.

With all the recent political action in town, Iíll jump in and preach to the choir just like Paul Ryan and the first lady. We all know there are a few people out there who are going to go out of their way to act like jerks on Main Avenue at some point between tonight and Wednesday. Please donít.

I have friends who own businesses along Main. Theyíd rather not have the trash cans in front of their businesses tipped over or the benches dragged into the road Ė or worse. Iím not a police officer, but if I were, Iíd much rather spend my Halloween weekend watching people have fun and then watch them walk home. If youíre one of the many people who are capable of doing this and will practice good behavior, thank you. If you do see people doing otherwise, tell them to stop.

As always, there is plenty to do for Halloween Ė well before and on the actual day. Those of you waiting patiently for the actual holiday on Wednesday can count on local rock band Aftergrass playing its annual Halloween show at The Summit. Aftergrass shows these days are rare. Bass player Bob Demmon is now a Denver resident, but heíll be down for the bandís annual gig. Joining Demmon in Aftergrass are Eric Kiefer on drums and vocals, Jesse Mattice on guitar and vocals, Kelly Hill on electric mandolin and Josh Arnold on vocals.

KDURís Transvestite Ball moves to the Lost Dog on Saturday and will feature the electro-music stylings of Mr. Anderson, Mykal Dark and Brian Ess. Lightning Communications will provide lighting and thumping sound.

A Halloween tradition will continue tonight at the Abbey Theatre with Euforquestraís annual tribute show. This time around, the Colorado band takes on the catalog of Beck. Tonightís stop is part of a tour that will finish in Albuquerque.

Waiting On Trial will hold court at The Summit on Saturday. Fresh off recording the bandís last show for a possible live release, the local bluegrass quartet also may be heading into the studio soon. Bass player Ryan Zernis was in my home recently taking terrible costume suggestions; maybe heíll follow through with my advice and dress up as me. Which means heíll also be dressed up and looking like Bobby Hill.

Local old-time quartet Six Dollar String Band will perform on Halloween night at Carver Brewing Co.

The Rocky Horror Show on stage has gathered some speed since becoming a regular addition to the Halloween landscape a few years back. It is truly a local production, encompassing open auditions, and casting friends and neighbors in the show. It will run twice tonight and tomorrow and again on Wednesday.

And thatís just a smattering of whatís going on for Halloween in Durango. Take all that in and then some, and thanks in advance for your good behavior.

ledu. Bryant Liggett KDURís station manager.

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