They’ll take it black

Local coffee aficionados – after years of buying and tasting the world’s best coffees – naturally have their own preferences for the perfect cup.

Interestingly, none of them drink more than a cup or two a day. And most add neither cream nor sugar to the brew.

Desert Sun chief roaster Zach Ray is partial to Ethiopian coffee, which he roasts at a lower temperature and for less time than other coffees to bring out the fruity, bright notes he finds there.

Tim Wheeler, the owner of Durango Coffee Co., also sings the praises of Ethiopian beans, saying he likes the underlying flavors of berries and the hint of chocolate on the finish.

But two other coffee shop owners hew to the more traditional.

“I like a dark, hot, bold cup of drip coffee,” said Ivan Unkovskoy, owner of the Steaming Bean. “No cream, no sugar, two cups a day. I’m a French roast drinker.”

Unkovskoy buys his beans from the Telluride roaster of the same name as his shop.

Magpies Newsstand Café owner Tom Mulligan bucks the no-milk trend by brewing up a daily latte, saying he likes the taste and the lighter caffeine buzz.

“Espresso suits me,” he said.