World Briefs

N. Korea warns of more nuclear, rocket activity

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea is warning of future nuclear and rocket efforts that it says are warranted because of new U.N. sanctions over its third nuclear test.

The statement Saturday from an unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman builds on a torrent of warlike threats from Pyongyang in the wake of the sanctions, which North Korea says are an indication of U.S. hostility.

The sanction, approved Thursday, target North Korea’s ruling class.

U.N. diplomats say the sanctions will hurt leader Kim Jong Un.

But others argue they may actually bolster him by allowing officials to whip up anti-U.S. sentiment and direct attention away from government failures.

Police strikes in Egypt adding to turmoil

CAIRO – Strikes by Egyptian security forces spread swiftly around the country Friday, as police walked off the job or took to the streets, angry at being blamed for crackdowns on protests against the Islamist president and accusing his Muslim Brotherhood of trying to control them.

The wave of police discontent adds a new layer to Egypt’s turmoil and political breakdown. In a sign of the disarray, a powerful hard-line Islamist group said its members would now take over policing a southern province because most security forces in the province were on strike.

The top security official in Assiut province, Gen. Aboul-Kassem Deif, said the announcement by Gamaa Islamiya was illegal.

Associated Press