Immigration legislation? Secure border first

The immigration legislation currently being crafted in the Senate as well as the House of Representatives is a fine example of governing against the will of the people. While there is a need to modify some elements of existing immigration laws, the generally accepted approach to this issue in Washington, D.C., is totally backward. The last effort to “correct” the illegal immigration problem should still be fresh in everyone’s mind.

The arguments we’re hearing today regarding people living in this country without legal permission are nearly identical to those put forth in 1986. The final legislation that Ronald Reagan signed into law contained immediate amnesty for several million illegal people living in this country illegally and a “promise” to secure the border to avoid any repeat of this situation in the future.

Why in the world would anyone who observed and/or participated in the 1986 immigration fiasco be inclined to make the same mistakes again? Poll after poll has shown the American people are not opposed to legal immigration but are steadfastly opposed to granting any “pathway” to citizenship or any other benefits of being an American citizen unless and until the southern border of this country is secure.

Ron Gilley


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