Do politicians want us to take medications?

I canceled my Part D prescription coverage policy: With a lot of hassle, it required so much paperwork to get that done because it was costing $22 a month, with a high deductible. I take no prescriptions, and if I do need something, I can buy it outright reasonably at a local pharmacy.

So now, I find out that according to the 2006 drug act, I will be penalized for every month I am without that coverage, which is a cumulative and increasingly higher amount if at any time I reapply for such insurance. You would think the government, albeit not the drug companies, would be celebrating that I am healthy enough to need nothing.

What’s wrong with such a law? Perhaps our politicians and lobbyists have a vested interest in seeing that we have such coverage and that we take tons of medications?

Kathy Kruger


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