Courtesy of Leigh Bright

This photograph of actor Ewan McGregor is now on display and for sale at the Lost Dog Bar & Lounge, but who took the photo won’t be revealed until Saturday night’s benefit Mystery Art Show for Mountain Middle School.

By Ted Holteen Herald staff writer

Mountain Middle School isn’t like most schools, so it’s only fitting an art show to benefit the institution isn’t like most art shows.

The Mystery Art Show will include more than 60 works of photography, paintings, sculpture, pottery, carvings and more donated by local artists, creative celebrities, students and residents. All are now on display at the Lost Dog Bar & Lounge and will remain there through Saturday’s event. Each piece will sell for $100, but the twist, or mystery, is no one knows which artist did which piece. That will be revealed during the party as well and only after each piece sells.

The pieces also are on display – and for sale on a first-come, first-served basis – online at mountainmysteryart.com. To liven things up in the days leading to the sale, a contest will be held to match 16 selected pieces with their artists.

The first winning entry will receive two tickets to Saturday’s event. The 16 artists chosen for the contest are Sharon Abshagen, Rosie Carter, Dave Claussen, Angela Crossland, Ginny Getts, Mark Hines, Leland Holiday, Kristina John, Jeff Lipsky, Richard Montrose, Elaine Pratt, Mark Ruckman, Pam Schwartz, Isabelle Simpson, Lorraine Trenholm and Kathy Whitson. Artist biographies are also online to help sleuths deduce who created what.

Music for Saturday’s party will be provided by “The Faculty,” a collection of Stillwater Institute instructors, including Evan Suiter, Jeroen van Tyn, Ryan McCurry, Jared Wright and Steve Dejka.


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