Who will be paying for all this clean energy?

Are you kidding me? When I read all of these good-intentioned letters about how we should think globally but act locally, I can’t help but wonder who is paying the bills for the grandiose ideas of a few directors?

Families who are just barely making ends meet cannot afford the higher electric rates associated with the ideas of these few well-meaning people. These directors are pushing their own agenda, hoping to somehow help the world at our expense. China hasn’t and probably won’t clean up its power plants. Every time we buy something made in China, we are adding to the greenhouse gasses and sending more jobs overseas.

Our power plants have continued to clean up their emissions since the 1970’s Clean Air Act. As we do this cleanup, the cost of power has risen to pay for the improvements. Phasing out of the carbon market will take decades and cost trillions of dollars, but if we continue to buy goods from China, this will not stop the growth in greenhouse gasses. Energy efficiency is one way we have been able to curb construction of new plants.

La Plata Electric Association should continue to support energy-efficient programs. Solar and wind have their place in the mix, but it is naive to think we can walk away from our long-term contract with Tri-State. The last cooperative that tried to get out of the contract ended up paying more than $60 million to Tri-State – and that was a small utility more than 20 years ago. I am voting for Joe Wheeling!

David Potter


Editors note: David Potter was the chief executive officer of LPEA for 16 years.

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