Kate McKinnon, left, portrays Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, right, portrays Val, appear during the “Bar Talk” sket...

Hillary Clinton attempts to declaw 'Saturday Night Live'

It’s fair to say that the Obama era has not been great for the politically minded comedians at “Saturday Night Live.” Once considered among the strongest parts of the show, the writers either...

Performing Arts

Play finds life in a cup of coffee

Alexandra Benton, 22, has graduated from college with a degree in biology. Instead of going out into the world and getting a so-called real job, as her parents...

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Mikulencak’s ‘Burn Girl’ is worthy for any age

Opening the pages of “Burn Girl” will bring Durango readers home, literally. This young adult novel by Durango’s Mandy Mikulencak is set...

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Film & TV

Review: Sicario

When we talk about “the war on drugs,” there’s an implication that two clearly established armies are engaged in battle and eventually one...

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