Miles Batchelder plays “Alan” in “Imagine That,” in rehearsal for the Durango Arts Center’s “10-Minute Play ...

Comedy and drama, 10 minutes at a time

Dubbed the haiku of the American stage, 10-minute plays have been around only a short while. It all started informally at fringe festivals, then in 1977, the Actors Theatre of Louisville, K.Y., launched the Humana...

Performing Arts

Play finds life in a cup of coffee

Alexandra Benton, 22, has graduated from college with a degree in biology. Instead of going out into the world and getting a so-called real job, as her parents...

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Mikulencak’s ‘Burn Girl’ is worthy for any age

Opening the pages of “Burn Girl” will bring Durango readers home, literally. This young adult novel by Durango’s Mandy Mikulencak is set...

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Film & TV

Review: The Walk

You have to learn to run before you walk.

It also might help if you learn how to ride a unicycle, juggle, tumble, achieve pure excellence in the art...

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