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‘Leftist media changing language we speak’

“Newspeak” in the novel “1984” meant ambiguous, euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda. The leftist media in the West is attempting to do its part in helping our American “Oceania” conform to a socialist, authoritarian state by changing the language we speak.

The latest offering by the Associated Press is to avoid saying the word “the” because it might be “dehumanizing” in cases like the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled and the college-educated. If you matriculated at one of our colleges or universities that have a School of Journalism, you already know that journalism is often home to the socialist and anti-American demonstrations on most campuses, alongside the Political Science students.

Hence, our news media is constantly advising us how we should talk. Don’t even get me started on “gender pronouns.”

“Nonconforming” née “oddball” or “out of the social norms” are now how the societally abnormal is being forced on the public as normal. “Marginalized” or “under-represented” are substitutes for “oppressed” or “victims” aka “underperforming.”

Illegal aliens must be called other terms so they won’t hurt their feelings. Any questioning of abnormal sexual predilections is always called a “phobia” to suppress opposing views. “Racist” is the go-to word for any description that is not favorable toward Blacks, Hispanics and so on.

It’s a mess. No wonder the belief and trust in the media is at an all-time low in history.

Mike Sigman