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‘National monument would not take lands away’

The news story on March 4 regarding the proposed national monument for the Dolores motivated me to share my thoughts on this important issue.

Our shared public lands are a great asset to our country. A new national monument for the Dolores region would include lands already managed by the Bureau of Land Management and these lands are owned by all Americans. A national monument would not take lands away from anyone. Instead, it would ensure future generations are able to experience their splendor as I and generations of people before me have.

I believe we need an honest and impartial plan for managing our public lands.

Specifically, there are numerous mining claims already in place in the area, and those would not be affected by a new national monument. People who hold a valid grazing right can continue using the land just as they would have prior to a monument designation. That said, a national monument would prohibit new claims from being established on lands within the monument.

It only seems fair and balanced that we would conserve these lands to protect their cultural, historical and ecological values. I encourage people to work together, learn the facts, and do what is best for the greater good of the surrounding communities and future users.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and I work in the energy industry and it’s important to me that I advocate for each when necessary. I feel this monument is worth advocating for.

Roland Mora