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Overdose, deaths rumors unfounded

One student lost consciousness at Farmington High School
One female student passed out at Farmington High School April 20 and was treated by medics. (Durango Herald file photo)

Rumors spread through the Farmington community that three students at Farmington High School overdosed and died after one female student passed out April 20.

Police reports confirm that one 16-year-old female student lost conscious at the high school April 20 and medics were called to the school to assess and treat her.

The student was unconscious, but breathing when medics arrived. Her breathing rate was classified as “abnormal” with rates ranging from less than six breaths per minute to 39 breaths per minute. The average breathing rate for children ages 12 to 17 is 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

The student was also reported to have “agonal” breathing, which refers to gasping or struggling to breathe.

An overdose was suspected, and two doses of Narcan were administered, but was reported to be ineffective. Narcan, or naloxone, is an over-the-counter emergency treatment for a narcotic overdose.

Eventually, the student was reported to have “steady breaths” and her eyes were reported to be fluttering.

Shanice Gonzales, Farmington Police Department spokeswoman, said because the administration of Narcan was ineffective, the student is not believed to have experienced a narcotic overdose. She said the student was transported by medics for continued care.

Gonzales did not have information on the student’s health status after transport other than that she was alive and no other students were reported to have overdosed or died at the high school.

The student’s current health status was unavailable for release, according to Farmington Municipal Schools spokesman Robert Taboada, but he encouraged community members to check the district’s official channels when questions arise about a situation.

District information is available online at www.farmingtonschools.us, Facebook and Instagram.