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Roost the Ridges Enduro beats the weather

Race draws local, regional riders
Roost the Ridges Enduro rider drops into timed section of the course. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)

Roost the Ridges Enduro managed to avoid recent rain and snowstorms, taking place Saturday, March 18, at Lions Wilderness Park.

The race, hosted by Aztec Adventures, drew 125 mountain bikers from Farmington and Durango area, as well as riders from Albuquerque, Gallup and Flagstaff.

Enduro-style races have nontimed uphill portions and timed downhill portions. There are also transfer sections of the course, where riders are not timed but cannot receive outside assistance.

Only the timed portions of the race count toward the rider’s final time. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)

The race’s total distance was 25 miles, with the three timed stages averaging about 1.5 miles each. Only the timed sections contribute to the official finishing time, which determines the winners in each category.

Open Pro Men podium (right to left): Cody Wilderman, Dylan Stucki, Toby Hassett, Keiran Eagen and Cole Fiene.
Open Pro Men top finishers
  1. Toby Hassett, 7:52.96
  2. Dylan Stucki, 8:00.35
  3. Keiran Eagen, 8:00.45
  4. Cody Wilderman, 8:04.45
  5. Cole Fiene, 8:06.00
Open Pro Women podium (right to left): Riley Huston, Ellae Montoya, Kiya Kelley and Maya Zarlingo.
Open Pro Women top finishers
  1. Kiya Kelley, 9:50.44
  2. Ellae Montoya, 9:51.08
  3. Maya Zarlingo, 9:53.37
  4. Riley Huston, 10:00.69
  5. Nico Brecht, 10:08.90
Intermediate Men podium (right to left) James Booth, Dylan Timmerman and Liam Bezek. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)
Intermediate Men top finishers
  1. Dylan Timmerman, 8:28.24
  2. James Booth, 8:57.04
  3. Liam Bezek, 9:00.76
  4. Jeff Lewis, 9:01.20
  5. Dillon Burns, 9:07.67
Intermediate Women top finishers
  1. Shannon Yoell, 12:00.70
  2. Lauralyn Nez, 15:06.72
U16 Grom Men podium (right to left): Milo Deem, Chase Conners and Cedar Bremmer. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)
U16 Grom Men top finishers
  1. Chase Connors, 8:17.25
  2. Milo Deem, 9:09.21
  3. Cedar Bremner, 9:09.36
  4. Jaden Eagleman, 9:18.50
  5. Antonio Pell, 9:30.60
U16 Grom Women podium (right to left): Emma Bahe, June Bremner and Janaria Segay. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)
U16 Grom Women top finishers
  1. June Bremner, 10:49.33
  2. Emma Bahe, 11:29.33
  3. Janaria Segay, 14:54.57
  4. Rain Jackson, 15:02.29
Beginner Men top five finishers
  1. Eduardo Trevizo, 8:56.82
  2. Bret Brachman-Goldstein, 9:12.01
  3. Everard Silas, 9:16.27
  4. Murphy Becenti, 10:22.74
  5. Jeremy Boucher, 10:58.57
Beginner Women top five finishers
  1. Shlye Goodluck, 13:00.52

The Hangover Food Truck fed riders and spectators alike during the event and Revolution Enduro conducted timing for the race.

Rider catches air on a downhill section of the course. (Courtesy Aztec Adventures)

Aztec Adventure owners Neil Hannum and William Farmer said in an email, that the race “would not be possible without the great turnout from the members of the community, the city of Farmington and all of our sponsors: Desert Sun Coffee, The Wells Group Real Estate, Zuberfizz, Bedrock Bags, 1st Southwest Bank, Tailwind Nutrition, Sandstone Cycles, Rocky Mountain Roastery, 505 Cycles, Yellowman Builder, Cooper Fire Protection, King Cage Bisti Bicycles and Ziems Ford Corners.”