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Sawdust fire ‘risk could remain long after’ ILC

I have concerns about the rezoning to industrial for the land at 1050 Lebanon Road, Cortez. The proposed use of this land is to include a sawmill.

The noise from a sawmill would subject the neighborhood adjacent and uphill from this property to an inordinate amount of noise. (Sound travels up. That is why amphitheaters are bowl-shaped). But more importantly, the sawdust generated by a sawmill would create an unacceptable fire hazard (and fire runs uphill, too). And sawdust is difficult and expensive to dispose of.

In May, the Ironwood Mill in Dolores was shut down because of the amount of sawdust stored on site and the fire hazard it created, reported as recently as June in The Journal. Ironwood was attempting to dispose of the sawdust but there was more than they could deal with. Even though the mill has shut down, the fire risk remains. In the recent past, there has been at least on sawdust pile fire in the county.

It is simply not acceptable to expose the neighborhood just to the south and uphill to this risk, a risk that could remain long after Independent Log Co. ceases sawmill operations.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gala Pock

Pleasant View