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Seniors Outdoors! announces weekly events

Seniors Outdoors! announces upcoming activities

6:30 a.m. Sunday: Climb Handies via Grouse Gulch. RSVP to Charlie Berglund at chasberglund@msn.com or 247-9747.

7 a.m. Monday: Climb Little Giant Peak and King Solomon Mountain, both over 13,000 feet. RSVP to Carolyn Striker at jcstriker3@gmail.com or 382-0162. No texts.

8:30 a.m. Monday: Climb Perins Peak from Rockridge subdivision. RSVP to Wayne Bedor at waynebedor@yahoo.com or 769-6548.

8:30 a.m. Monday: Monday bike ride for intermediate road cyclists. RSVP to Bob Schuckhart at bschuck1@gmail.com or (832) 285-2373.

7 a.m. Tuesday: Climb 13,738-foot Grizzly Peak. RSVP to Tim Tischler at tbtischler46@gmail.com.

8 a.m. Wednesday: Wednesday Wanderers learn about hiking in bear country with Bryan Peterson. RSVP to Shelley Leader at shelley.leader@gmail.com or 317-0678.

9 a.m. Wednesday: Wednesday Easy Hikers hike Ned Overend Park. RSVP to Ted Keller at keller.ted@gmail.com or 759-7207.

8:30 a.m. Thursday: Thursday bike ride. RSVP to Jim Newman at Newmanji10@aol.com or 884-7717.

7 a.m. Saturday: Saturday classic hike: Columbine Lake. RSVP to Harding Cure at hardingcure@gmail.com or 382-8286.

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