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Seniors Outdoors! weekly events

Seniors Outdoors! has announced the following activities for next week:

9 a.m. Monday: Hike Skyline Trail up Raider Ridge. RSVP to Wayne Bedor at waynebedor@yahoo.com.9:30 a.m. Monday: Monday bike ride for intermediate road cyclists. RSVP to Bob Schuckhart at bschuck1@gmail.com, 832-285-2373. 8:30 a.m. Wednesday: Wednesday Wanderers interpretive hike led by M.K. Gunn of SJMA into West Mancos/Rim Trails. RSVP to Shelley Leader at shelley.leader@gmail.com, 259-9896.9 a.m. Wednesday: Wednesday Easy Hikers hike CT from Second to bridge. RSVP to leader Dell Manners at dell.manners@gmail.com, 385-0533.9 a.m. Thursday: Thursday road bike ride. RSVP to Jim Newman at newmanji10@aol.com, 884-7717.8:30 a.m. Friday: Hike Haflin Creek Trail. RSVP to Lynn Coburn at harrisoncoburn@gmail.com.For more details, go to www.seniorsoutdoors.org

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