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What about DeNier Center for homeless?

The article on the closure of the Purple Cliffs homeless camp describes a situation that is generating frequent incidents of violence and unsanitary conditions. The newest solution is no longer a solution, but the camp will close.

We do have an empty facility that would put a roof over people’s heads, does not need open campfires for heat and cooking, and is near town and bus routes. Is it a perfect solution? No, but it may be a better solution than periodically hauling tons of trash from overused campsites and the threat of fire from unattended open campfires. We could repurpose the DeNier Center for such a use.

The acronym “NIMBY” is used to describe a very valid point if view. Who of us, housed or unhoused wants to live with excessive trash, the potential for an unintentionally set wildfire and concentrated episodes of violence that stress our law enforcement resources? Durango has a big backyard but it is becoming increasingly clear that “backyard camping” is not a long-term solution for practical reasons.

Jo Ann Beegles