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What Durango residents are saying about rising pump prices

Drivers willing to take it in the pocketbook if it puts the pain on Putin
With gas prices on the rise, The Durango Herald asked residents at the pump how higher prices are affecting them. (Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press file)

With gas prices on the rise, in part because of sanctions imposed on Russia, The Durango Herald asked residents at the pump how higher prices are affecting them. Here’s what they had to say:


“For me personally it kind of blows. It took me $125 to fill up my truck. I’ll probably have to charge more for plowing.” – Nicholas Homnyk, snowplow driver

“I don’t travel enough miles for it to have a big impact on me. We paid a dollar less in Denver a week ago, so it’s crazy how much prices have gone up in a short amount of time. I’d be willing to pay more and shut down Putin, though.” – Tim Corbett, of Durango


“I think ultimately it’s a good thing that we stand up to Russia. I know that poorer people will have a harder time. Luckily, we’re in a place we’re I don’t think it’ll affect us much.” – Chris Henderson, of Durango

“I’m willing to take the cost. I know gas is getting expensive, but maybe this rise in price will help drive us toward smarter fuel sources.” – Woody Woodrey, of Durango


“I’m OK paying the higher prices because that means that we’re supporting the Ukranians, and for me I guess it just means I’m going to be driving less.” – Bonnie Thornbladh, of Durango

“It’s certainly not good paying higher prices for fuel. I don’t believe the prices are going up because of the crisis in Ukraine. I feel like that's certainly part of it, but they’ve been going up for some time. For me personally, it’s something that I can afford, but it puts a dent in my disposable income where I could otherwise spend it.” – Will Jarneagin, of Durango


“This is the first time I’m getting gas since the prices have risen, so I haven’t really seen a difference yet. But I think everyone has the same view: the prices are outrageous. I don’t know much about what’s happening in Ukraine, so I can’t really say much, but the prices of gas are pretty outrageous.” – Ashley Lopez, of Durango

“My kids and I are going to start biking to school instead of driving, because it’s going to cost over $100 to fill my tank. It’s really hard on the family. I really feel for the people in Ukraine, and I understand what we’re doing to make a point and let Russia know that what they’re doing is not OK, but it does hurt us financially.” – Amber Powell, of Durango


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