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Youth should repair museum damage

The Pine River Valley Heritage Society Museum was notified by the marshal's office regarding racial epithets and graffiti on our building. We thank the business owner who provided the marshal's office with the video and the responsible parent who recognized his son on the You Tube posting and contacted the marshal's office. We were told that it could be up to six weeks before the juveniles would have a court date. It's unfortunate the juveniles will not have to immediately remove their thoughtless, artless and disgusting defacing of our building. Hopefully the juveniles and not their parents will have to pay restitution for the labor and paint products to remove their mess.

We are senior citizens who were raised in a different generation. Behavior like this would have been dealt with through the parents and juveniles. But this isn't possible now, so we will do the work ourselves rather than hire it out to avoid added expenses that may not be awarded by the judge. This will spare the public of seeing their thoughtless behavior while we wait for the court to be involved.

We encourage all our youth to take advantage of the after school program offered by our library with free snacks and activities. Better yet, volunteer your energetic bodies to help in the community. We would gladly accept outside help with maintenance around our building!

Tony and Anne Schrier

Forest Lakes